10 Outerwear Options for the Mother of the Bride

10 Outerwear Options for the Mother of the Bride

Ladies! Are you looking for a jacket that would complement your mother of the bride dress and take it up many notches? Look no further; our ten best outerwear suggestions will make it easy for you to choose from.

1. Traditionally Stylish Shrug

Most of the bride’s mothers desire that they need wraps that would complement their dresses. One of the best choices in this regard is the classic lace shrug embellished with beaded embroidery which will make you look stylish as well as traditional.

2. Structured Bolero

If you are looking for a more solid option, going with the latest chic structured bolero will be the right choice for you. You could choose a black satin bolero with wide lapels and three-quarters length of the sleeves which would go hand in hand with any of the dress silhouettes.

3. Glowing Sequins Bolero

A gold sequined bolero is a very versatile option that can go with many dresses from matching to simple black or navy dresses too. You can choose this bolero if the bridesmaids are also wearing gold, this will give a very coordinated effect in the wedding photos.

4. All Wrapping Patterned Jacket

If you have opted a black sheath dress or pantsuit, pairing it up with an all wrapping patterned jacket would be the best idea. These jackets cinch at the waist with a bow, making any body shape look flattering.

5. Chic Bolero

If you’re a modern mother who wishes her style to be less formal yet on-point, then charcoal wool blend bolero is just the thing for you. This chic bolero will rule your wardrobe even after the big day.

6. Monochromatic Jacket

Modern brides love to coordinate with their mothers and select neutral colors like white and cream for them. So, you can choose a white jacket to go with your dress to make a strong monochromatic statement.

7. Shimmery Floral Lace Shrug

Lace shrugs with intricate floral details with a hint of shimmer weaved in their sequins are trending this season. Pairing such a shrug with any dress will make you stand out as a bride’s mother should.

8. Cropped Cardigan

If your daughter chooses the wedding ceremony to be casual, you need to make a choice that would blend well with the occasion. You can choose a cropped cardigan that complements your dress and ends at the smallest part of your waist to give you a most flattering look.

9. Matching Outfit

If you want your jacket to be completely matching to your dress, you can simply buy the dress that comes with the jacket. There are plenty of options in the market as it is one of the favorite choices of the mothers, so you won’t have a problem finding the one that best suits you.

10. Sheer Scarves

Are you looking for something to toss over your shoulders and not particularly worried about coverage? Go for the sheer scarves in some neutral color which will also prevent you from getting too warm.

With these awesome outerwear options to choose from, you can get the look that you desire for your daughter’s big day.

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