4 Tips for Choosing the Best Flower Girl Dresses

4 Tips for Choosing the Best Flower Girl Dresses

You’ll agree that all eyes are mostly on the bride as she walks down the aisle. But the appearance of the flower girl is also one sweet moment that every guest looks forward to. As such, the flower girls need to look adorable and as precious as possible.

It means you have to select the flower girl dresses wisely. Lace flower girl dresses attract lots of attention from the crowd and will grant your wedding the glory it deserves. Here’s how to select the best flower girl dresses;

Safety & Comfort Matter

Your flower girls need to be happy on the big day. That implies you have to settle for the right material that will cause no rash or itching.

The dress fabric has to be of the right weight and correspond to the current temperature for the optimal comfort of the girls. Make sure the flower girl dresses you pick are not too tight to cause difficulties in breathing.

Given that the flower girls will run or move around, stick to a ‘tea’ dress length. Combined with comfortable rubber-soled shoes, you’ll have lowered the chances of tripping for the young girls.

Consider the Current Popular Hues

It’s good to be always on the trend, which is why you need to find out and pick the color that’s making waves at the moment.

And even if you have specific wedding colors you want for your wedding, there shouldn’t be a problem. Get the lace flower girl dresses designed to highlight and complement the chosen color.

A Theme for the Dress Is Not a Bad Idea

Some weddings feature themes, and it makes sense for the flower girl dresses to complement that particular theme. Think about the medieval weddings and the beach weddings. In that case, the flower dresses you choose should echo the theme.

For instance, a wedding at the beach would go well with light lace flower girl dresses with airy colors. Go for fancy flower girl dresses if you’re having your wedding in a ballroom. While at it, make sure that the dress fits properly and that the accompanying accessories are not cumbersome.

Seek Her Opinion

The opinion of your little princess matters a lot when choosing a flower girl dress. Bring her along so she can help in picking that dress. Display several of your favorites and let her pick the best. With her input, there’s no denying she’ll love the dress.

Style & Appearance

Your flower girl will be the first one to appear walking down the aisle as she tosses the flower petals on the floor with care. When the attendants look at her, they should tell the style of the wedding right off the bat.

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