4 Tips If You Want To Improve Your Social Media Marketing

No matter how many hours we spend on Instagram for personal use, using the platform for marketing is a completely different story. Not only does it require a knack for storytelling, but you must also be able to present your brand on a day-to-day basis without getting sick of it. Plus, that’s not to mention the foundation necessary to get others to start paying attention. Which, if these haven’t been things you’ve considered yet, then we’ve provided a few helpful tips to consider; check them out below:

Reassess Your Brand Strategy And Aesthetic

If you’re going to be promoting more on social, then your brand’s aesthetic has to be at it’s best. Although commonly overlooked when strategizing social media, the aesthetic of your brand is not only going to define your brand but the overall color scheme you should use for your posts. No matter if it’s custom infographics or photos of a recent event, everything should fall in line with specific criteria, giving you a consistent look. As noted by Ragan, color increases brand recognition by 80 percent; in attempting to improve your social media, reassessing your brand aesthetic should be the first step.

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To begin, take a look at your current branding efforts and ask yourself how exactly they’d come off to an outsider. Think about the personality of your brand, as well as if it’s cohesive in explaining what your company does without explicitly stating it. From there, imagine what your social profile/presence would look like in someone’s news feed. Is it inviting? What type of content would be included in a ‘birds-eye-view’ of the page? Going through questions like this will not only help you decipher a better aesthetic but one that will gain more recognition long-term.

Start Studying Trends

Once you’ve established your overall aesthetic online will be sound, it’s time to start looking into what trends will be helpful in capturing a wider audience. This includes a blend of studying both traditional strategies from ebooks and online lectures and looking at the current trends of today. Although this might be a practice you’re familiar with, the hard part is knowing exactly where to start and how to keep going.

The first place you should look into studying trends is with your current audience, as well as where the conversation is happening in your industry. For example, as noted by Wordstream, 81 percent of Millennials check Twitter daily, which if you have more of a youth-centric audience, then this should be a primary source. Compile a few platforms, as well as identify the specific subcommunities that exist within them that might gravitate towards your brand. Research like this is one of the fun parts, as you get to learn about what’s happening in your industry, so embrace the time invested.

Look At The Details Of Different Platforms

When approaching how you can scale a consistent practice to grow your social media following, it’d be wise to look at the details as to how these platforms work. Not just in their functionality, but how some tools are used to generate valuable information or tactics. For example, as noted by SproutSocial, 7 out of 10 hashtags on Instagram are branded, which goes to show how often this is utilized to bring campaigns together. While you’re most likely a little familiar in seeing these tactics used in your personal use, successfully implementing them in a business account requires a much different practice.

With social media, the name of the game is tying in engagement. This can include several strategies, from using Instagram Tools for garnering followers to coming up with a hashtag that genuinely starts a conversation. The goal for each is to tie in a few principles, including what type of conversation you want to start, how you want your brand to be perceived, and what type of relationship you’re trying to develop with your audience. Working through these pieces is by-and-large going to be a practice of trial and error, so be patient with your approach as you run through various iterations.

Create An Engagement Plan

Finally, with all your foundational elements in place, it’s time to start working towards an engagement plan. While we briefly touched on how engagement plays a role in both the tools you’ll use and demographics, we’re now compiling a consistent strategy that can be used day-in and day-out for your business to thrive. Although this might sound like a complicated endeavor, it’s more of an exercise of how you can hold a long-term social media plan while still holding yourself accountable day-to-day.

Start to map out a calendar of when you can post versus how much you’re willing to spend on going through and commenting/liking other people’s work. Although we’d all love the ability to drop a post when we feel like it and immediately go viral, that’s simply not going to be the case as social media development takes time and consistency. In fact, as noted by Zimmer Communications, consistent presentation of a brand can increase revenues by 23 percent. And if you’re looking to see numbers like that, then this needs to be a practice you go after every day.

What are some ways you’ve been able to improve your social media marketing? Comment with your insights below!

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