Beretta: A Lesson in Family Business Longevity

Beretta: A Lesson in Family Business Longevity

The History of Beretta

Founded in 1526, Beretta (or the Pietro Beretta Arms Factory as it’s officially known) has its headquarters in Brescia in the Lombardy region of Italy. It also operates in several other countries and owns over 20 other companies and brands. As a company, Berreta is unique in a number of ways. Not only is it one of the oldest manufacturers in the world but it has been kept as a privately-owned company with knowledge and expertise passed down from father to son in an almost unbroken line. It has been trusted to supply arms in every European war since 1650.

The Range of Beretta Firearms

Beretta manufacture a full range of firearms including shotguns, hunting rifles, assault rifles, sub-machine guns, semi-automatic pistols and double-action revolvers. Less well-known is the fact that they also make different kinds of air pistol, air rifle and air soft guns.

Beretta pistols and other firearms are also a popular ‘star’ of films, TV series, books, anime and video games from ‘Lethal Weapon’ and ‘Miami Vice’ in the 1980s to ‘Jack Reacher: Never Go Back’ in 2016. Ian Fleming originally equipped James Bond with a Beretta pistol in his first book ‘Casino Royale’, published in 1953.

Why are Beretta Firearms so Popular?

Beretta firearms are used across the world for the military, law enforcement and by civilians for self-defence. From 1985 to 2017, Beretta pistols (the 92FS model) were the principal side-arm of the US armed forces when they were replaced by the Sig Sauer P320. They are trusted because of the craftsmanship which goes into every model of gun and the fact they are durable, accurate and reliable. Their ergonomics makes them extremely easy to use and disassemble. Another major advantage is that the guns have been designed so that many of their parts are interchangeable.

Beretta will soon be celebrating their quincentennial anniversary and their products’ popularity means that they seem set to continue for another 500 years.

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