Club De Nuit Intense by Armaf vs Creed’s Aventus: which is the best men cologne

Club De Nuit Intense by Armaf vs Creed’s Aventus: which is the best men cologne

Club De Nuit Intense by Armaf

Club De Nuit Intense by Armaf is a powerhouse scent, seeping with success with sultry indications of mystery. It’s what we like to describe as business and romance in just one fragrance.

Club De Nuit Intense by Armaf opens its fragrant musical drama with notes of rose, saffron, and geranium. Those charming opening accords are trailed by fiery notes of violet, nutmeg, caraway, and pepper. The powerful smell profile weaved with golden patchouli, vanilla, and agarwood makes it a flawless and rich blend adding status and presence to any well dressed man.

Delivered by the Armaf place of the United Arab Emirates, this aroma is one of 79 in the architect’s scent line. It comes served in an extravagant sable jug that is draped in striking gold embezzlements. The shape of the container is an architectural cubic masterpiece adding beauty to any home shelf or dresser. This aroma was discharged in 2013 on the worldwide market.

Creed’s Aventus

Creed’s Aventus is one of  our most loved scents, particularly within the fruity aroma groups. There is debate as to whether the rise in cost is worth it in comparison to a scent such as Club De Nuit Intense by Armaf but there is something so strikingly irresistible and irreplaceable about Aventus that we believe the rise in price is worth it.

Club De Nuit, as much as we enjoy it, in our opinion, comes across as semi-engineered in comparison to Creed’s Aventus, particularly for the reason that  Club De Nuit’s opening can be  extremely brutal and as such  a mood killer. Once Club De Nuit is settled it does begin to be a close competitor to Aventus. However we would deem it as an 80% likeness and not an exact clone of the Aventus masterpiece.

What makes Aventus so special? First, believe the hype, there is good reason this scent is showered with incredible reviews. It’s power, class and mystery in just one bottle. The scent lasts for hours, there is no other scent as seamlessly produced on the market which enables it to be a market dominator.  The fact that the scent was inspired by  the French military and political leader Napoleon Bonaparte helps to explain the sheer power emanating from the aroma, empowering any male draped in the scent.

The Aventus aroma is a pristine example of a fruity chypre fragrance with it’s dominating Citrus based top notes, and animalic based undertones.

Regardless of whether you’re hunting down the best men’s cologne or best women’s scent we at Ariaperfume can cater to both your scent and pricing needs and we will get your fragrance delivered to your doorstep. What are you waiting for? Buy now at

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