Cool T-Shirts For Men Guaranteed To Elevate Your Style

Cool T-Shirts For Men Guaranteed To Elevate Your Style

The t-shirt: probably the most essential clothing item for men! Everyone owns one, but not everyone wears it to it’s full potential. Although essential, most men consider it too simplistic. However, if done right, the t-shirt can guarantee to not only make you look cool, but also elevate your overall style. When it comes to cool t-shirts for men, there are four things to look for that’ll distinguish ordinary tees versus cool tees for men.

Understanding the fit of the shirt

The fit of your t-shirt is the most important. An excellent tee should fit snug, but not tight. It shouldn’t be loose or baggy on the sides. It shouldn’t drape over like a summer dress, yet still be comfortable enough to move around in. If you’re going for a more urban/streetwear aesthetic, then make sure your elongated tees fit tighter around the waist.

The most important aspect of the fit is to have the t-shirt cup your arms. This will give you the appearance of broader shoulders and a slimmer silhouette. If your t-shirt is too wide on the sleeves, simply give it one to two folds to hug closer to your arms. However, don’t go for more than three folds, unless you want to look like a sexy car mechanic.

In terms of the length of the t-shirt, don’t let it surpass your crotch area (unless it’s designed that way like longline tees). In addition, don’t let it sit too high up your stomach. If your t-shirt is too long, then it will make you appear shorter. If it’s too high up, then it just looks like an ill-fitting crop top.

Should I go for t-shirts with designs on them?

Back in the day, men’s cool tees had extravagant designs, but today’s current trend is to go for a minimalist look. In other words, the more simple the design; the cooler it looks. Now cool t-shirts for men have little to no logos, patterns or designs. This is also why the fit of your t-shirt is so crucial. Just remember, fit over design every time!

However, that doesn’t mean you can never wear patterns. If the design is subtle and sleek, then go for it. If you want your t-shirts to stand out, then another way designers are transforming basic tees to cool t-shirts for men is by incorporating zippers and pockets.  

The only exception to having bold designs on your tee is if you’re going for a grunge look. Remember band tees from the 90s with that faded, worn-out look like you’ve been moshing at a concert for days? These are definitely “in” now.

Keep in mind the fabric of your t-shirt

Want some cool t-shirts for men… literally? In the summer, understanding the fabric of your tee can come in handy. In general, look for tees that are made from cotton because it’s so breathable and cooling. This is also an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin, as cotton is not abrasive. Linen is also another good choice because it doesn’t stick to the skin, so it prevents sweat from showing.

The two fabrics to avoid in the summer are polyester and leather. The fabric in polyester retains body heat, making you feel even warmer, which is why it’s normally used for winter clothing. Leather, on the hand, is too heavy of a fabric, not to mention, it sticks to your skin if you sweat.

When picking the coolest men’s tees, what colors should you look for?

So you’ve found your perfect set of cool t-shirts for men with an amazing fit. What’s next? Picking the best colors is just as important. The two, must-have colors are black and white. Furthermore, if you’re going for a high-end brand of t-shirts that are pricey, these colors are all you need. The reason why black and white tees are the best colors to have is because of their versatility. These colors will match most outfits, so you get the most wear out of them as well.

Where can I find the best t-shirts for men?

Differio is changing the game of menswear with their current line of tees. At Differio, you’ll be able to find cool men’s tees that are both edgy and trendy.  Their designs are both unique and one-of-a-kind, making their tops an excellent choice for your wardrobe. For instance, Differio has a new asymmetrical tee that looks way cooler than the average tee because of its modern cut on the hems, neck and sleeves.

Cool t-shirts for men have all kinds of features nowadays. Differio doesn’t shy away from that. At Differio, you can find an extremely stylish collection that’ll give your style that edge.

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