Easy Rainbow Chevron Nail Art Tutorial

Easy Rainbow Chevron Nail Art Tutorial

Is your week simply dragging? You already know what would be a fun way to lift your spirits? Rainbow nails! A rare thing, the rainbow – you only see it when it rains and the sun shines, both at the same time. But, if you have it on your nails, you have your own point of view all the time! See more at www.msmee.com

Rainbow Nail Art Tutorials

Let’s go ahead and take a look at these rainbow nail arts.

  1. Rainbow marble drop Nail Art

Create a super cute and fun marble effect nail art with the colours of the rainbow. This is a very easy design that can be done even by beginners.

Will need

White nail polish

Different colours of your choice to create a rainbow effect

Needle (which should be a thick one)

3 stitching tools of different sizes

Paint all nails white for the base.

Place a point with which you tap the largest tool with one colour, then move to the second largest with another colour, and finally the smallest with the third colour. Create three points like this. Check more at MsMee.com Use the needle to pull the dots in one direction as shown. Make sure you do this while the nail polish is still wet.

Do not forget to seal it with a top layer!

  1. A rainbow of stairs

You climb up to the sky to see a rainbow? If there was a ladder to make the climb, I suppose it would possibly be something like this!

A Rainbow Stairway Nail Art Tutorial

  • Start with white as your base.
  • Now, using the rectangular brush submerged in red enamel, create a square in different places, as shown.
  • Take the next colour and do the same.
  • Keep doing this until you have your full rainbow stripe.
  • Now, use a nail stripper to create a strip on both sides, so that it looks like a ladder.
  • That is all! Finish with a top layer, and you are ready to climb your ladder.
  1. Rainbow Floral Ombre

This is a good option for spring. The use of pastel colours on the ombre and the floral design together make this nail art very beautiful! I feel that spring is upon us just to look at it!

Rainbow Ombre and Nail Art Floral Tutorial

  • Paint your white index finger, ring finger and blue pastel thumb, middle and pinky pink fingernails.
  • Dip a pastel green makeup sponge and create an ombre in pastel blue. Do the same in the pink, but this time, use the pastel pink colour.
  • It must have the ombre effect as shown.
  • Use a dotting tool to create rainbow polka dots with all colours.

Dip the tool that will dot in pink, and create polka dots. Now, use the wet toothpick in pastel pink to create texture in the pink dots. These will be the flowers. Add the leaves with the green colour and a toothpick.

Seal it with a top layer and you yourself an amazing nail art!

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