Fashion and Beauty: Dressing For Your Skin Tone in These Cute Summer Dresses

Fashion and Beauty: Dressing For Your Skin Tone in These Cute Summer Dresses

Ah summer… it’s that wonderful time of year when the sun shines a bit brighter, the days last a little longer, and our tans become a little darker. But have you wondered how some women manage to look sensational no matter the season? We’ve got a secret weapon, and it begins and ends with color!

Depending on your individual skin tone and the color of your complexion, certain colors look gorgeous while others simply fall flat. Do you have a few certain colors you gravitate towards in clothing? You probably have those certain colors that always rake in a ton of compliments when you wear them.

A simple test to determine whether you have a warm or cool skin tone is the t-shirt test! They say certain women look better in a cream t-shirt, while other women look best in white. Which one do you tend to prefer when shopping for basic tees? Try holding the two colors up to your skin to see which one is more flattering. If you look best in a cream/beige color, you likely have warm skin tones. If you look best in the bright white t-shirt, you probably have cool tones. You can also be neutral which is great for you because you probably look lovely in a mix of colors.

Here are some guidelines on skin tones:

  1. Warm – think yellow, peachy, and golden.
  2. Cool – think red, pink, and bluish.
  3. Neutral – think olive or a mix of those above.

Warm skin tones usually have yellow, peach, or olive undertones and tend to look better in beiges, khakis, yellow green, creams and earth tones like brown, orange, and yellow. Women with warm skin tones also tend to gravitate toward gold jewelry as it is more flattering on them.

Cool skin tones usually have a reddish, pink, or blue undertone. Women with cool tones look great in vibrant colors like purples, blues, and emerald green. Cool tone women tend to gravitate toward silver jewelry because it looks better on them than gold. Those who seem to turn into bronze goddesses in the sun are usually warm-toned, while those that get red instead are usually cool.

Do you know what your skin tone is yet? If you’re still on the fence, here is one final test- and it is another t-shirt test! Picture yourself in a yellow or orange shirt. If it gives you a great glow, you’re warm. If it makes you look a little sickly, you’re cool. If you look good but not great (like warms), you may be neutral.

Now that you have an idea what colors might look best on your skin tone, you can also take into consideration whether your skin is fair/light, medium, olive, or dark. This can change depending on the season and how much of a tan you have. The shade of your skin will also make a difference in what colors “pop” on you and which ones might make you look a little, well….sickly!

Taking all of that into consideration, how do we pinpoint our own perfect color? With a little help from Hollywood’s most famous faces, let’s delve a little deeper into the world of dressing for your skin tone.

Pale, Fair Skin with Cool Undertones

Supermodel Doutzen Kroes is the quintessential blonde bombshell with fair skin and blue eyes. Her pale skin coloring is perfectly suited to this baby blue evening gown she wore to the 2010 Costume Met Gala. Very fair complexions like hers truly light up when paired with delicate pastel shades. Other colors to try are hues like mint green, light turquoise frosty purple, and baby pink. Cool grey and navy are great neutrals that look stunning as well!

Keen to give the pale blue trend a try? How about one of the pale blue summer dresses? This Mirror, Mirror Embellished A-Line Party Dress in Blue Gray has that sweet Cinderella effect for any fancy nighttime occasion while this Melt the Ice Blue Plunging V-Neck Party Dress creates a flirty look for black tie events.

Medium Warm Skin

It’s hard to imagine Blake Lively looking anything but gorgeous in whatever she wears. It all comes down to clever clothing choices that make her complexion light up. Here the actress is seen in top-to-toe canary yellow – a daring choice but one that pays off beautifully. This shade is a sure-fire winner on sunny warm toned blondes. Reese Witherspoon is another example of a sun-kissed blonde (remember that breathtaking yellow mini dress she wore to the Golden Globe Awards in 2007). The beauty of bright yellow on blondes is its ability to bring out the warm golden tones in both the skin and hair. Other color options that would look beautiful are rich earthy shades of red, orange, green, and brown.

Share a similar coloring to Blake and Reese? Why not give these yellow cute summer dresses a try – this Charm School Capsleeve Lace and Chiffon Dress in Bright Yellow will do wonders to wow any crowd or perhaps this Perfect Fit and Flare Dress With Half Sleeves in Yellow for an everyday office alternative.

Warm Olive Skin

Singer Camila Cabello has that sultry combination of lightly tanned naturally olive skin and dark hair. Here she is breathtaking in a trendy tuxedo style dress in striking red satin. Rich honeyed jewel tones such as this glossy red complement olive skin beautifully. We’ve seen similar styles on other olive-skinned beauties like Selena Gomez and Jessica Alba over the years. Tanned complexions are naturally warm during the summer months but can sometimes become ashen during the colder months. Look for jewel tones like burgundy, purple, gold, and even emerald green to add an extra glow to the skin.

Are you blessed with a similar olive tone to Camila? May we suggest adding a few classic cute summer dresses to your wardrobe? You won’t go wrong with this head-turning Depths of My Heart V Dip Pencil Dress in Red – the perfect choice for a red-hot date or even a cheeky night out with the girls. For an equally seductive look guaranteed to turn a few heads, this When In Doubt Wear Red Bodycon Dress is designed to fit and mold to your every curve!

Darker Skin With Warm Tones

Actress Zoe Saldana is seen here on the cover of Shape magazine wearing the most beautiful shade of cobalt blue. Her skin has a darker shade and warmer tint to it. Singers Beyoncé and Rihanna also fall into this skin tone category. Just like lighter olive skin tones, darker tan complexions look gorgeous in bold, rich colors such as bright blue, deep purple, and sunny tangerine. For an even brighter appearance, pair a blue dress with touches of gold jewelry as well as pink, rosy makeup on the lips and cheeks.

If your complexion is reminiscent of Zoe’s, look to beautifully blue cute summer dresses when selecting a nighttime ensemble. How about this aptly named Let Us Celebrate Strapless Dress in Royal Blue? It will make the ideal date night dress to impress your significant other no matter what the occasion. Or, if floral tickles your fancy, this Abstract Masterpiece Strapless Bodycon Dress in Navy/Multi offers the best of both worlds. Featuring a fine cobalt blue trim, the rest of the dress is adorned in beautifully feminine garden flowers.

Dark Skin

One of the biggest box office hits of the year so far has undoubtedly been Oceans 8. And it’s little wonder – starring an all-female cast, it’s the ultimate girls-only fan fest. One of the film’s major stars is Mindy Kaling, spotted here at the film’s premiere. On the night, she wore a stunning Prabal Gurung custom designed gown. The entire length was made of exquisite black liquid chiffon further adorned in sparkling micro sequins. The dark shade is the perfect complement to Kaling’s deep dark skin tone. Typically, darker complexions radiate against rich, creamy colors. We’ve previously seen the star in everything from bright fuchsia to rosy pink coral. The key is to illuminate the face. Bold colors like burgundy pop against darker skin.  A bedazzled jet black ensemble such as this one is simply perfect!

Do you have a skin tone coloring akin to Mindy’s? Look no further than the wide variety of dark metallic dresses this summer at Lily Boutique. It all starts with this Choose Your Path Black Sequin Pencil Dress – a slinky choice for everything from a romantic dinner date to a glamorous cocktail party. A similar but more structured choice is this Midnight Glamour Black Sequin Party Dress, ideal for any and all formal do’s. If a night of celebrating is on the cards, may we suggest this Dazzling Dots Black and Silver Polka Dot Party Dress? Short, swingy and flirty, it makes the perfect party companion to keep you twirling all night long!

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