How To Attract Gen Zers to Your Ecommerce Fashion Store

How To Attract Gen Zers to Your Ecommerce Fashion Store

When it comes to running your ecommerce fashion store, you’re always looking for new customers. After all, you’re following all the trends of fashion, staying up to date, and all that hard work pays off when shoppers start to pay attention. Because your business is all online, you get into the right ecommerce mindset by researching your customers with analytics, building a strong online presence, and spreading the word about your offers and your company’s mission on social media. But sometimes, that isn’t enough. When it comes to attracting a particular group–Generation Z–there are challenges you face.

Gen Zers aren’t anything like the customers that have come before them. They’ve grown up online, so you can’t just use a shiny GIF or basic hashtags to impress them. You need to do more. So if you’re ready to get more Gen Z customers, check out these tips.

Optimize your site for mobile

We don’t need to tell you that Gen Zers spend their time constantly on their phones. The proof is in the pudding: anywhere you go, there they are, scrolling through Instagram, opening Snapchats, getting both their social life and current events news on that tiny screen. They grew up staring at screens, iPads, and iPhones, and half of this generation is connected online for 10 hours a day. So if they’re not able to check out your products and shop on their phones, they’re going to refuse to buy products from your ecommerce store.

Optimizing your site for mobile, as an ecommerce merchant, requires you to take several steps. First of all, the images you post of your products need to load immediately, and be easily swipeable, so that Gen Zers can browse easily. When it comes to checking out, make forms as simple as possible–and if you can create an app for shopping, where buyers’ details are saved or connected to saved credit card information, that’s even better. Regarding the text content of your website, whether it’s a blog or user reviews, this needs to be easily readable on a small screen. Having to zoom in and out to read is a definite no.

Additionally, think about going mobile-first. As more and more people access the Internet on their phones, this will not only make your life easier in terms of web design, but it’ll also improve your SEO. Eventually, Google will favor websites that are built for mobile.

Make your mission their mission

Gen Zers are passionate about good causes. Whether they’re fighting for a plastic bag ban in their local neighborhood, or meeting with their boss to talk about making the office more inclusive, they’re active when it comes to the changes they want to see. According to Forbes, “Gen Z is the most ethnically diverse generation in US history. It will comprise 47 percent ethnic minorities, according to Jaclyn Suzuki, creative director of Ziba Design.” In large part, this is why they want to see changes in the world around them.

So one of the best ways for you to connect with Gen Z is by being passionate about good causes, too. As a fashion ecommerce store, there are lots of ways to do this. For example, use only ethically sourced materials–ones that keep the planet green, and that are made by workers you treat fairly and pay minimum wage to (at least). If you have any waste, recycle it. And if clothes don’t sell? Consider donating them to a homeless shelter in your area, and writing a blog post about it.

Most important of all, spread the word. Make a statement in your website about how committed you are to improving the world with your business. And talk about it on social media, too.

Connect on social media

Another important way to get Gen Z’s attention is by spending a lot of time on social media. Update your social media platforms so that they reflect your personality, and learn how to use Snapchat if you don’t know how to already. Additionally, connect with influencers. 38 percent of Gen Zers and millennials trust digital influencers, and as a fashion store, you have your work cut out for you. All you need to do is design something amazing that an influencer will love, and have them endorse it. Share the image everywhere you can, and you’ll suddenly find yourself with new young customers who follow them.

These are some of the best ways to attract Gen Zers to your ecommerce fashion store. What other strategies do you think would work? What’s most challenging about marketing to this generation?

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