Lime Green Colour Pantone of the Year 2018

Lime Green Colour Pantone of the Year 2018

Punch Lime Pantone: Colour of the Year

It means: life, renewal, nature, and energy. Green, and in this case lime, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment.

As wedding planner, I am here to suggest the ways lime green can be incorporated in your wedding or event.

Wedding Setting.

A stunning arch covered with white and green flowers. This is the perfect setting for an outdoor ceremony, where green is the predominant colour.

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Taste the Difference

When it comes to Wedding Reception one of the most amazing thing is trying to combine the colour theme with the colour of the food.

There is nothing more suitable than starting a party dinner with a warm soup. This one is made with courgette and shrimps.

Courgettes are quite versatile ingredients. The main dish can consist of round cheeses wrapped in grilled sliced zucchini.

White and green also for the wedding cake. Guests can indulge in a fantastic victorian sponge covered with pieces of white chocolate decorated with orchids and foliage.

Dress it up!

When it comes down to guests, little touches can make a big difference.

Bridesmaids can wear chiffon dresses of a darker shades of green. Hair garlands of baby-breath will complement the overall look.

The bouquet is simple, yet stunning. We use white and green to give a touch of elegance and the willow white snowflake gives shape and dimension to the whole composition.

Bride’s Bouquet

A combination of green berries and salix pussy willow white snowflake is perfect for the lime green theme.

Men can wear lime green bow ties, with white shirts underneath and dark trousers.

Green gives chef ample choices of ingredients and combinations. Here some to try

It’s probably what Pantone wanted to express this year. All industries, from the fashion to the events one, have being mixing and matching combinations of this amazing colour

Both the bridesmaids and the best men can wear clothing matching the different shades of this colour.

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