Only the best branded handmade bags

bag is a unique fashion bag designer and reseller with more than 1000 bags form all brand to choose from.

We serve all European countries and you can visit our eshop, bag to choose only the best quality bags, women bags, men bags, backpacks, crossbody bags, purses, and many other accessories.

Greek handmade bags from recycled leather

Continuing a family tradition that holds from 1967, bag had designed awesome women bags and women backpacks from recycled lather and other recycled material, taking care for the environment and respecting the wild life.

Especially for the girls and women which are environmentally conscious but also love to have a leather bag with modern design, handcrafted with care.

Flat shipping rates across Europe with only 16€

In 2018 we are opening our operations and our eshop in the continental European market serving Germany, France, UK and the main European countries within the EU.

Our pricing policy is to keep the prices low in comparison with what you get, so every woman in Europe can buy a bag bag from the Greek Handmade collection.

Touching and feeling the a Greek Handmade backpack you will notice the superior quality of the product and its handcrafted artistry that the other European brands want a lot more in order to make a bag from them yours.

Get a new Greek handmade bag today, because it is a real bargain!

All our products are being shipped the next day by courier and usually it takes 7-10 days for an order to reach you.

New bags every week!

Our eshop is updated every week with new arrivals and new bags from our own collections and from the top European brands such as Vogue, Camel Active, Trussardi Jeans, Alviero Martini, Verde, Le pandorine, Anneke and many other.

Feel the fashion vibes of a leather, environmental friendly bag in modern colours and hot designs today!

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