Selecting Curly Hair Extensions

Selecting Curly Hair Extensions

There are many curly hair extension styles available and using your creativity, plus a few accessories – you can manage to pull them off for any upcoming event. With various curl types, you can come up with a stunning, funky, or playful look.

Do you have the right extensions?

Before trying out curly hair extension styles, make sure you have the right extensions. For instance, synthetic hair can never be styled. It always melts, or gets damaged when subjected to hair products or gadgets like flat irons. However, with human hair extensions you can style them often and they last longer as well. Try experimenting with messy, casual curls or highly elegant ringlets which gently frame your face.

What aspects should you consider?

When it comes to buying hair extensions, there are numerous factors you need to take into consideration. For instance, are you going to wear them for a once off occasion or are you looking for a long term solution? First look at what you want to achieve with the hair extensions. Are you looking to increase the volume of your natural hair? Do you want to improve the length of the hair? Are you looking to lengthen your hair for a particular event?  Identify your hair texture and type and then you can start looking at the hair extension options available to you. Mayvenn has a line of product especially for just curly hair. If you have very fine hair, then clip in extensions is not going to be the best option for you. Micro ring extensions last longer when attached to fine hair and the risk of them falling out is reduced.

Pick the color and length

While selecting curly hair extensions please ensure it can blend in with your natural hair – the color of the extensions should match it. Even if the match isn’t exact, choose a lighter tone, as you can color it darker as per your hair color later on. Don’t select a darker shade as it can’t be lightened. It is possible to buy hair extensions which are too long, but you can cut them to your chosen length. Remember the longer you choose, the heavier the hair is going to be! If you opt for the weave or micro ring with longer hair, it is going to pull on your natural hair, whereas if you want long hair for a shorter period, consider clip in extensions, which cause less damage in the long run.

Curly hair extensions are fun to sport and you can try out gorgeous hairdos – stun your friends at your next gathering!

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