The History Of Asics

The History Of Asics

“If you pray to God, you should pray for a sound mind in a sound body.”In Latin, it translates as, “Anima Sana in Corpore Sano.” It is this sentence that gives the name, ASICS. This is the motto of the company in being a motivation for worker to create the best sporting shoes for all human, particularly younger people, to succeed in athletics. ASICS has become a major international brand and one of the biggest out of Asia against North American and European based competitors. Like other companies, it has an extensive history that is fascinating of how it started from 4 employees in a tiny factory to 7,800 around the world.

The company began after World War II by KihachiroOnitsuka, a former day trader who decided to go independent and raise the money to form ASICS(then called Onitsuka Co., Ltd.) in 1949. The following year, the released their first set of athletic sneakers, the basketball shoes, which were a rarity at the time in Japan. Two years later, Onitsuka released a second generation, the OK basketball shoes, and the first set of volleyball, golf, and tennis shoes. Focusing on the soles of the shoes to bring comfort, it slowly became a major hit in the Japanese athletic forum. In the next few years, they expanded to climbing boots and casual shoes.

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Onitsuka’s company expanded with more shoe introductions, as well as the merger of the highly profitable Tiger Rubber Factory, which helped produced the shoes. They would go on to create various shoes for various events that focused on keep the foot safe along its arches, tendons, heel, and toes, some of which made stood in for Japan’s Olympians. They expanded from unisex to split women’s and men’s trainers, as well as building winter equipment for all mountain hikers. With their Cortez track and field shoes, Onitsuka made its debut across to the United States thanks to the Phil Knight and his new company that would become Nike.

In the 1977, Onitsuka Co Ltd. merged with two major companies to form ASICS Corporation and opened up in the United States for North American sales for all production of sportswear. They would also spread sales to dozens of countries across the world, go on stock exchanges, and continue the expansion of sporting goods, clothing, and their own brand name, formally challenging Nike, Puma, Adidas, and Reebok. In 2007, ASICS’ main founder, KihachiroOnitsuka, died at the age of 90, leaving behind a legacy of sports innovation from Japan that touched on many of the country’s greatest athletes in every sport.

It has not stopped with his death. ASICS continues to produce such goods and sell them around the world. Its revenues continue on at $3.7 billion in revenue and invests in programs to help more children get involved in athletics. Every year, they continue they release a more improved version of shoes and gear that is stylish and sellable. Onitsuka’s vision lives on to this very day as a major company of Japan sells onward in all corners of the globe.

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