The places which you cannot afford to miss, If you are at jaipur

The places which you cannot afford to miss, If you are at jaipur

‘You do not need magic to get lost, all you need is a destination’ and ‘The Pink City’ is one of the best cities in the world to get lost. They say it’s more like a puzzle that you never want to escape after entering. The city is the capital of ‘The Designers State’- Rajasthan in India. Jaipur is surrounded by the ‘Aravallis Hills’ and is one of the oldest planned cities in India. It is one of those cities which speaks for itself and does not require a travel guide. The royal city has always been among the most visited places in India by tourists from all across the globe. It is very hard to point out something not- attractive and uninteresting in the whole city. Everything about the city is gorgeous whether the extravagant city palace or the vibrant and chaotic bazaars and after the whole day of exploring, the sunset of the Nahargarh fort is nothing but a wonder.

Jaipur has a rich heritage which is epitomized by its exotic palaces, havelis, gardens, and forts. It is very difficult to list the best visiting locations in the city and simultaneously very hard and disrespectful to the ones which are left.

This is the reason I would suggest that the whole city is a gem for the tourists to explore with the below-mentioned places as the Musgravite among those gems.

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Amer Fort

There is nothing denying the fact that the Amer Fort tops the list. Situated 10 km north of Jaipur, the fort sits on the top of the Aravalli Hills bright and handsome. It is the real home of the royal Rajputs before Jaipur was created and contains majestic palaces, gardens, temples, halls, and others making it a complete fantasy world. The fascinating scenery of the Maota Lake and the exclusive artwork adds to the beauty of this place. Other famous points include Sheesh Mahal, Man Singh Mahal, Diwan-e-Aam, are some of the great places to enjoy in the evening light and sound show.

City Palace

The city palace is one of those places that shows the how wealthy the royalty of Jaipur was. The Palace is a blend of both The Rajput and Mughal architecture. Dewan-e-Khas contains to silver containers which are known to be the world’s biggest by The Guinness Book. Mubarak Mahal or the Sawai Man Singh II Museum is one of the hottest points here as it contains weapons, costumes, paintings and manuscripts of the Rajput dynasty. A part of the City Palace is still occupied by the Royal Rajput Family of Jaipur.


One of the finest representations of how good and advanced was the architecture of the Rajput era was. The building is highly famous and has five floors with over 950 windows named as ‘jharokhas’. The purpose of building this structure was to provide a panoramic view of the street to the Rajput women without being visible to the people outside on the streets. Winds used to flow from these small windows which gave the name to the palace- The HawaMahal. But most of the windows are sealed now.


JantarMantar gives us the idea about the evolution of the science and technology in the Rajput era. The JantarMantar can be regarded as the calculation instrument of that time. The place contains 14 builds in total which collectively functions to measure time, foretell eclipses, and also track the stars. The main attraction of the place is the SamratYantra Sundial. The structure at a height of 27 meters is a shadow clock which can make you realize how quickly the time goes by.

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Palace on Wheels

One of the must-dos at Jaipur is a journey on the regal Palace on Wheels. It is a grand train that originates at Delhi and connects Jaipur, SawaiMadhopur, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bharatpur, and Agra. The entire trip lasts a week and provides you a royal experience.


While at Jaipur make sure to enjoy the traditional Rajasthani hospitality at ChokiDhani. It was established in 1994. It has been serving travelers with exquisite Rajasthani cuisine since then. Savor mouth-watering dishes such as Dal-battichoorma, Gattekisabji, Ker Sangri, LahsunMirchki chutney and many more! There are numerous events such as camel rides, hookah, magic shows, and many more to make your day enthralling. The hospitality of Rajisthanis is once in a lifetime experience.


After all the sightseeing and visiting the historical places, the vibrant markets of the Pink City are something which can make your day. The variety in the markets of Jaipur is just endless and is almost impossible to be found anywhere in the whole world. The markets are so diverse that you need days to claim that you have explored them. The best shopping locations include Johari bazaar, M.I road Area, Chand pol and many others.

These are some of the places which can be regarded as the best places to visit in Jaipur, but to be precise a person can find a new place every day in the Pink City to explore which makes it difficult to point out the best among all.

Best Time to Visit Jaipur

One of the essential ingredients for a perfect holiday is favorable weather conditions of your destination. Jaipur, being a part of the desert gets extremely hot during the summer season. So it is best to avoid visiting during the summer months. The best time to visit Jaipuris between October and March. During these months the temperature is a pleasant 21 degrees Centigrade during the day. However, the nights are chilly with a minimum temperature of 8 degrees Centigrade. So just pack a few warm clothes for the evening and you will be comfortable!

How to reach Jaipur

The Pink City is very well connected by all air, rail and road and so can be conveniently reached.

  • Sanganer Airport has both Domestic and International Terminals. All major domestic and international airlines are operational here.
  • Jaipur has three railway stations, Gandhinagar, Durgapura and Jaipur Main. It is connected to all the major cities in India.
  • Jaipur is connected to NH8, NH11, and NH12 and can be reached easily by car or buses.

Now that you have all the details for visiting Jaipur, what is holding you back? Plan your trip to this tourist-friendly city and soak in the rich Rajasthani Culture!

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