The truth is How You See It

The truth is How You See It

I like motion pictures and I have no most loved sort, yet there is a science fiction one I especially enjoy…”The Matrix”. Neo, the legend, considers gulping a blue or red pill that will immediately adjust his existence. Blue to proceed with his ordinary simple way of life, with no point, no concentration, no reason. Or, on the other hand red, to open his eyes to another presence, a higher calling and at last finding a predetermination he was destined to satisfy. All through the motion picture we see Neo battle with this new life as he tries to comprehend why individuals continue calling him “the one”. It was toward the end when he at last got it. Confronting a flood of slugs, Neo tranquilly holds up one hand and they all hold back before his face and tumble to the floor. What I find most fascinating is when Neo “got it”, he had it and nothing would take it away.

So why am I playing motion picture commentator? To demonstrate a state obviously! Like Neo, when you at long last acknowledge and acknowledge your identity, whose you are and what you have it makes you UNSTOPPABLE. You possess this information and each choice you make streams out of it! Consider it. On the off chance that you were a beneficiary to a colossal fortune, knowing this would make you shop where you needed, travel when and where you needed and invest more energy doing what you cherish as opposed to bringing home the bacon. Think about what, in Christ you are a beneficiary! Recently let that absorb for a moment…

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