Top 5 Wedding Theme Ideas

Top 5 Wedding Theme Ideas

In a person’s life, it is hoped that there will be only one wedding day. This is why it is meant to be with a very special person, in a very special day and of course with a very special theme. Couples that have friends or family getting married around the same time will try to make their wedding stand out the most by using a theme that is not very common. A great way to make your wedding stand out is to make your wedding vows ring in the minds of all who attend it. A very cool and out of the blues theme will also be great in making the big day truly special. You must ensure that your theme is the perfect based on your wedding function rooms you are using at your venue.

The Vintage Marriage

What can really be said about the eras that have passed? They were golden. True gold was everything during that era but even their taste in clothes, how they carried themselves and of course that huge difference between then and now makes these times the perfect wedding theme idea. If you find a place that has this theme, remember to personalize it with a family item just so it stands out even more. Go crazy with the oddly shaped chandeliers and the overhead trellis.

Rustic Wedding

The rustic theme is perfect for anyone who loves the feel of nature. The theme is inspired by homespun barn weddings filled with branches, nature inspired décor and lanterns. This theme is very popular today because unlike most of the other themes a couple could use, this one seems more natural and effortless. If you have a beautiful garden, somewhere this one is not very hard to pull off and it may be less expensive too. So, get personalised Growler set for your wedding.

High Drama Wedding Day

Every time this theme is talked about, there is just one name that comes in mind that of David Tutera. He is a very great designer; one would not hesitate to call him the magician of décor. In hit series, my fair wedding, this theme is amongst the most impressive and alluring. It allows a couple to go crazy with the lighting and the decoration. In this theme you get to have that fairytale wedding with a prom like dancing hall, fireworks and well designed, well- lit chandeliers hanging over the dining area. A theme just allows you to make your fairytale wedding possible.

Wedding That Is Pure Romance

This theme will make your heart melt with romance and a lot of love. Take a close look at the main features of your wedding function room hire; achieving a romantic theme is not easy. This theme allows you to take advantage of crystal chandeliers and the beauty of nature. With this theme, you can put the crystal chandeliers outside in nature.

Whimsical Weddings

This theme is mostly inspired by the movie up. It is a garden wedding or a wedding by the beach it does not matter. The whimsical theme is simple and classy and allows a couple to experiment with new ways to make the wedding stand out. Whether they will use balloons or wooden seats to do this or go for beautiful chandeliers for the night theme; it is one kind of wedding that is easy to set up.

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